September 2018 Collection | Equinox

In the summer, give us a citrus bomb any day. Autumn? Break out those rich woods and gourmands. But what do you wear in September, when the air is warm but the leaves are starting to turn?

We turn to all-season stunners like the ones in this month’s collection. They’re perfect at any time of year, any time of day, for any occasion. That makes them especially good for the months when the weather can’t decide where its allegiances lie. Our loyalties are always with good smells, so this works out just fine.  

In the Women's Collection:

In the Men's Collection:

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Tardes Carner Barcelona from $125.00
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Blue Amber Montale $180.00
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Sweet Flowers Montale $170.00
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Latin Lover Carner Barcelona from $125.00
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