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If department store perfume counters fill you with a mix of excitement (perfume!) and dread (boring, celebrity-endorsed trends), welcome! You're in the right place.

Most fragrance brands treat perfume as a fleeting beauty product. But we know that perfume is powerful. It can intensify your mood or change it completely. It can make you feel like the most confident, in-charge version of yourself. If can instantly transport you to a happy memory. It can bring comfort or peace or joy.  

Discover the Art of Perfume

In the vibrant world of niche perfume, fragrance is an art form. Perfumers don't follow trends; they set them. They create scents that engage your intellect.  

At Olfactif, you'll discover perfumers who aren't boxed in by conventions. You'll find complex, faceted scents that unfold over time in olfactory stories. 

Best of all, you'll find three niche samples in your mailbox every month, like clockwork. And you'll get $18 to spend on a full bottle every month. Because when you find a good thing, it's hard to get too much of it.

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