How it works

 When you subscribe to Olfactif, the first of the month means a new collection of fragrances is about to arrive on your doorstep. Scents you probably never knew even existed.

1. Receive your collection

Sign up to begin receiving monthly collections of three or six niche fragrances in deluxe-sized, 2 ml glass spray vial samples. Choose from month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month options, for yourself or as a unique gift. Choose between women's/unisex and men's.

2. Explore and discover

Wear each fragrance 15 - 20 times. Learn about the talented artists and their fascinating stories in in-depth interviews. Explore the compositions in smell guides, discussions, and more.

3. Purchase your full bottles

Just for subscribing, you receive a 20% off featured full bottles, 10% off all other full bottles, and 10% off all à la carte samples -- always. That's an opportunity you won't find anywhere else.