About Us

Olfactif is about the joy of exploring AROMAS. It’s about the power of scent to move you, inspire you, and reflect who you truly are.



Olfactif was founded in 2013 by Tara Swords, a scent aficionado who wanted to connect artisan scent makers with fragrance lovers who were bored with mass-market scents.

In 2018, Olfactif was acquired by Danielle Fleming, Founder and Nose of Noteology (formerly NOTE Fragrances), a boutique perfumery and custom perfume studio headquartered in Scranton, PA. A fragrance veteran and serial entrepreneur, Danielle has been in the fragrance industry for over 19 years. From launching her own brands to analyzing consumer insights for Fortune 500 companies at Firmenich, Danielle has both breadth and depth in the world of all things scented.

" When looking for a brand to continue Olfactif, Danielle was top on my list! Her wide range of skill sets and passion for niche perfumes made her and her team the perfect fit to take the helm of Olfactif", says Swords. " Tara set forth a great foundation for Olfactif. I am so excited to put my team behind Olfactif and bring it to the next level", says Fleming.

Today, Olfactif remains the world's only curated fragrance subscription that features luxury, niche and indie scents from around the world. Every month, we source fragrances from the far reaches of the globe---Italy, France, England, Australia, and the Middle East, to bring these hard-to-find fragrances to the US.

You will also find us on the hunt for new, up-and-coming and established indie and under-the-radar brands from the United States and Canada. Our goal is to bring subscribers the best scents that can't be found on department store shelves while supporting indie and established perfumers and creators.

We curate fragrances based on a theme, with a collection for men and a collection for women each month. Do you want to feel tranquil on a Sunday morning? Or perhaps build up your swagger for an important meeting? Or maybe you just want to be wowed with perfume artistry and support this amazingly creative culture. Whatever your reason, spritz with us. Because at the end of the day, who wants to smell like every other person on the street.

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