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How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription are available in four options:

  • Monthly: $18/month, cancel anytime
  • 3-month: $51 (equal to $17/month)
  • 6-month: $96 (equal to $16/month) 
  • 12-month: $180 (equal to $15/month)

Prices include everything in your collection and the cost of getting it your door. Plus, each month you'll automatically receive an $18 credit to put toward every full-sized bottle of a fragrance during the month it’s featured. Buy all three, and you'll get $54 off. (Yes, really.)

When will my collection arrive?

Your collection will ship around the first of each month. We ship via the USPS, so we can’t tell you the exact day your shipment will land in your mailbox. We can tell you that shipping could take as long as 10 days, although it rarely takes that long.

If you've just signed up and it's before the 15th of the month, we'll ship out your collection immediately (depending on availability). Otherwise, your first collection will arrive around the following month. But if you sign up late and you're really dying to try the current month's collection, drop us a note. We'll see what we can do.

We will reveal each collection’s featured artists and scents on the website on the first weekday of each month. So if your collection hasn’t yet arrived on the first weekday of the month, you can come to the website to get a sneak peak at what’s headed your way.


How do I cancel?

To cancel your month-to-month subscription, email us at support@olfactif.com. We'll take care of it right away. 

Just note that the monthly cut-off for cancellation is the 15th. If you cancel on or before the 15th of the month, your cancellation will take effect immediately. If you cancel after the 15th, you'll receive one more collection before your cancellation takes effect. Preparing collections for shipment takes time, and after the 15th we've already procured the perfume and begun prepping your collection. 


Are there special deals for subscribers?

Each month, you'll automatically receive an $18 credit to put toward every full-sized bottle of a fragrance during the month it's featured. (In other words, if you buy all three, you'll get $54 off.) Even if you sign up for a 6-month subscription, which is equivalent to paying $16 each month, or a 12-month subscription, which is equivalent to paying $15 each month, you'll still receive the $18 promo code to use toward each full bottle of a featured scent each month. Codes expire at the end of the month. So, for example, if you love an August scent, be sure to place your order before midnight on August 31 to take advantage of your special pricing.

But if you signed up late in the month—say, on the 15th—we'll make sure you have plenty of time to make up your mind. Your code won't expire until the middle of the following month. If you have questions about the exact timing of your code, email us at support@olfactif.com. 

Where can I find my $18 off code each month?
Your promo code appears in your shipping notification email. If you've misplaced it, just let us know at support@olfactif.com. We'll ensure you have it when you're ready to order your full bottle.
Do you offer refunds?
Purchases of full bottles, fixed-term subscriptions (3, 6, and 12 months), and other items are not refundable or exchangeable. (However, the month-to-month subscription can be canceled at anytime.) If you wish to transfer your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to someone else, we can arrange that. Let us know at support@olfactif.com.
Is Olfactif available outside the U.S.?
Unfortunately, no. At this time, we ship only within the 50 United States.
Are there any hidden fees?
No. The monthly subscription fee includes your perfume samples and everything it takes to get your collection to your door. Shipping is charged separately for full-sized bottle purchases unless you have an active “free shipping” promo code. Note that sales tax may apply to customers in Illinois.
I'm moving. How do I update my address?
Easy. Send us a note at support@olfactif.com, and we'll take care of it.
Can I put my subscription on hold?
You bet! Just drop us a note at customerservice@olfactif.com and tell us which month you need to skip.
When will I be billed for each monthly shipment?

Monthly subscribers will be billed for the monthly subscription on the 20th, just prior to the time we ship your collection. In the beginning, though, you'll be billed on the date that you sign up. After that month, your billing date will adjust to the 20th.

For fixed-term subscriptions, you pay at the time of signup, and that's it.



Perfume. So Olfactif is just for women?

So glad you asked! The quick answer is an emphatic “no.” You can choose between the unisex subscription, which is best for women and adventurous men, and the men's, which will contain traditionally masculine niche scents.

But while we're on the subject, here's some interesting info. The way that most perfume is marketed makes people think that perfume is for women and cologne is for men. Actually, “perfume” is the general term for everything you find on the fragrance counter. The differences are in the concentrations:

    • Extrait de parfum: The most concentrated. The aromatic compounds make up about 15 – 40% of what’s in the bottle (typically about 20%).
    • Eau de parfum (EDP): Aromatic compounds make up about 10 – 20% (typically about 15%).
    • Eau de toilette: Aromatic compounds make up about 5 – 15% (typically about 10%).
    • Eau de cologne: Aromatic compounds make up about 3 – 8% (typically about 5%). Citrus notes tend to play a leading role in colognes, and you don’t find a lot of heavy base notes.

So as you might guess, men and women can—and do—both wear cologne and perfume. The mainstream perfume industry has just made you think otherwise.

Regardless of whether you choose the unisex or the men's subscription, all of the scents that we curate are made with men and women in mind. (Niche artists don't buy into that men's-scents-vs-women's-scents thing.) We also encourage people to wear whatever they like, regardless of how mainstream marketing has stereotyped certain fragrances and notes. You're a woman who loves to wear tobacco? You're among friends. You're a man who's tempted by dark rose? Go forth and be fragrant.

How do you decide which scents and artists to feature?
We love niche perfume, so we spend a lot of time smelling and testing everything we get our hands on by artists from all over the world. We also put a lot of time and consideration into the curation of each collection. All of the scents have to fit under the theme of the month but also be sufficiently different that they bring something unique to the idea we’re trying to illustrate. You can be sure that by the time a collection reaches your hands, we’ve tested and thought about it to an absurd degree.
Can I personalize my monthly collection? I don't like rose/vanilla/iris/[ingredient].
Personalization is all the rage these days, isn’t it? And perfume is certainly a personal thing. The way you experience a perfume might be very different from the way your friend experiences it. 

But there’s something else that we like to help people understand about perfume, and it’s this: You might not really think what you think you think. (Got that?)

Here’s what we mean: You might think that you really dislike gourmand scents because they make you feel like a walking stick of cotton candy. We get it. But trust us—you might have a very different reaction when you see how one of our fragrance artists creates a complex, elegant gourmand. 

And we actually get pretty excited when we hear someone say, “Rose perfumes smell like old ladies.” If that’s you, you’re in exactly the right place, because we’re going to introduce you to some roses that will change your mind forever.

In other words, the goal of Olfactif is not to confirm your preconceptions about perfume. It’s to turn them upside down, expand them, and push you into new, exciting territory.
How big are the samples? How long do they last?
Your monthly collection contains three deluxe-sized spray vials, each 2.25 ml in size. (Some of the very pricey scents contain 1.75 ml.) The average person will probably get at least 20 applications from each vial of 2.25 ml.
Why aren't my vials filled to the top?
Your vials should not be filled to the top. A vial filled with the correct amount of perfume -- 2.25 ml -- is about 2/3 full. A vial with 1.75 ml -- which is the case with very pricey scents and some that are handmade -- should be about halfway full.
What's the best way to try on perfume?
You might want to check out this blog post, but here's a short version: When trying a scent for the first time, apply it to one wrist, and keep smelling. Note how the scent smells at various stages: immediately after application, a few minutes later, several minutes later, an hour later. Because of the way the scent is composed, you’ll likely pick up different notes in the beginning than you will in the dry down.

Ideally, you’ll apply just one perfume at a time and spend at least several hours smelling it before you apply another. Some scents are stronger than others, and you won’t be able to appreciate a lovely, quiet scent if you overpower it with something much louder on the other arm. But if you absolutely can’t wait, we recommend four viable test spots: the insides of both wrists, and the insides of both elbows. They’re far enough from each other that you won’t accidentally apply two kinds of fragrance to the same spot, and they’re also easy to lift to your nose so you can isolate the scents and smell them individually.
What is niche perfume? What is mainstream perfume?
The answer depends on whom you ask. The simplest definition of niche is that it’s harder to find and harder to discover. The simplest definition of mainstream is that it’s easy to find in department stores and at major beauty counters around the world.
Are you saying mainstream perfume isn't good?
Actually, we have quite a few bottles of mainstream scents on our shelves. And some of the talented perfumers we will feature here have also created mainstream perfumes that have been commercial and critical successes. But what we love about the niche world is that artists frequently have much more control over the fragrances they create. They don’t create according to the trend of the moment, and they care deeply about the quality of their work because it becomes a part of their own brand. They also don’t treat perfume as a mere beauty product but as a piece of art that has the power to move, surprise, shock, and inspire. Mainstream perfume marketing often appeals to your desire to be attractive to potential mates (which is a nice side effect, we suppose, but certainly not the main point). If niche perfume had a big marketing budget, it would likely appeal to your sense of individuality, your appreciation for art and originality, and your desire to smell wonderful things simply because they make you happy. Whether that's better or just different is a matter of personal preference.
Will you tell me ahead of time what will be in each collection?
And spoil the fun? No way! We reveal each monthly collection on the first weekday of each month.
What if I never buy a full bottle?
Nothing wrong with that. Some people come to us looking for new full bottles to buy, and some people come to us because they love the guarantee of variety every month and just want to have lots of fun perfumes to wear according to their mood on any given day. If you don't use your $18 credit to buy a full bottle, you're still getting a great deal and a fun experience -- not to mention the chance to have several wearings of some luxurious scents that you might otherwise never splurge for yourself. We call that a win.
What if a vial is broken or leaking?
We worked with packaging experts to create well-cushioned, sturdily constructed packaging and an outer mailer that should prevent any breaking. We also use vials that close very tightly to prevent any of that precious juice from leaking. But hey, things happen. If you discover a problem when your collection arrives, send us a note at support@olfactif.com and we'll make sure you get a replacement right away.
Can I open the vials?
Your spray vials are not meant to be opened after we seal them. They'll lose their seal, and you'll be left with a leaky vial.
What if I don't like one of the samples?

Great question, and here’s our counter-question: Are you sure you don’t like it?

There are only three rules when trying a perfume. Uncap the vial, smell the wand, then:

      1. If you like it, put it on.
      2. If you’re not sure, put it on.
      3. If you hate it, definitely put it on.

    Why? You’re probably accustomed to trying on perfumes at department stores. Mainstream perfumes are in the unenviable position of having to compete with the hundreds of bottles that crowd around them on the counters. That why they often are designed to give away the whole story on the first spray: to convince consumers to make an impulse purchase on the spot. Niche perfume is often different. In most cases, what you smell in the first 10 seconds will be different from what you’ll smell after 5 minutes, and it will keep changing over the hours. This is part of the joy of experiencing niche perfume. 

    Bottom line: Judging a vial by its top notes is like judging a novel by its first page. Good perfume rewards an open mind.

    I'm allergic to some perfume ingredients. Can I subscribe?
    With deepest condolences, we do not recommend it.


    Why can't I log in?
    We handle all account administration on the back end. So if you need anything, just contact us at support@olfactif.com, and we'll usually get back to you within 24 hours, and often much faster than that.
    What kind of content do you have on the website?
    The website is a big part of the subscriber experience, so we encourage you to dig around and learn. Each month, we feature in-depth content about each of the month’s three featured fragrances, as well as in-depth content about the artists who made them. Occasionally, we offer live chats with perfumers where you can ask your burning questions about them, their work, their creative process, and anything else that comes to mind.
    Can I interact with the perfumers you feature?
    Sometimes we host live chats with our featured perfumers, giving you a chance to interact directly with the artists and ask them questions about themselves, their work, their creative process, and anything else. We also have an active community on Facebook and Twitter, where our featured perfumers regularly interact with subscribers who have questions.
    Can I shop from my mobile device?
    Absolutely. Just head to www.olfactif.com on your mobile device, and you can access all of the same content, become a subscriber, and even purchase full-sized bottles using our fully featured mobile site.
    How do I write a review?
    Just find the product page of a perfume and scroll to the bottom. Type your review. Couldn't be easier, and we—and all of our other subscribers—love reading what you think. We don't publish reviews that are of the wrong product, so be sure to post to the right page. (For example, if you would like to review a perfume, write it on the perfume's page, not on the "Subscriptions" page.)


    Do you charge sales tax on full-sized bottles?
    In accordance with law, we charge sales tax on full-sized bottle and a la carte sample purchases that ship to Illinois.
    Do you offer refunds or exchanges on full-sized bottles?
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on full-sized bottle purchases, individual samples, fixed-term subscriptions (3, 6, or 12 months), or other items. If something is wrong with your purchase, let us know at support@olfactif.com. If your item arrives defective, you'll need to let us know within 14 days of the time it was delivered. 
    Where is my $18 off code?
    You can find your $18 off promo code in your shipping notification email. If you've misplaced that email, just send us a note at support@olfactif.com. We'll make sure you have your code when you're ready to purchase your full bottle.
    What if my promo code doesn't work?
    If you believe that your promo code is still valid but the website doesn’t seem to accept it, send us a note at support@olfactif.com. We'll hook you up right away.
    Can I apply more than one promotion to an order?
    Each order may have only one promo code. But if you have a gift card, you can combine that with a discount code in the same order.
    What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Paypal.
    Why do I see a $1 charge from Olfactif on my credit card statement?
    If you've recently updated your billing information, you'll see a $1 hold -- not a charge -- on your online banking account. That's because the only way for the system to check that your updated card information is correct is to run a test charge. That $1 hold will disappear within a day or two. (And again, it's not a charge.)


    How does Olfactif ship?
    Your monthly collections are delivered by the USPS. The USPS will deliver your shipments without requiring a signature, but we’ll provide tracking information so you can know when to expect them. Full bottle purchases may ship via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. We'll always send you a shipping notification so you can track your package as it makes its way to your door.
    Where does Olfactif ship?
    At this time, we ship only to the 50 United States.
    Can I track my shipment?
    Yes. When your monthly collections and full-sized bottle purchases ship, we’ll send you an email with your tracking number.
    How long will it take my collection to arrive?
    Waiting is the hardest part, isn't it? It can take up to 10 days for collections to arrive. They usually don't take nearly that long, but it's possible. It also can take 24 - 48 hours from the time you receive your shipping notification for your collection to be scanned into the tracking system, so don't worry if it doesn't show up right away. But if you're concerned that something may be wrong with your shipment, drop us a line at support@olfactif.com, and we'll investigate to make sure things are on track.
    Do you offer free shipping?
    Shipping is free on all monthly collections. There is a charge for the shipping of full-sized bottle purchases, although we frequently offer free shipping promotions. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed of all the latest deals, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we also announce special deals.