The Sum

The Gold

  • Try a sample first! 

    The first time we spritzed The Gold, we weren't sure what to expect. With a name like that, it could have gone in a lot of different directions, from rich, dark, and opulent to light and fizzy as champagne. The reality stopped us in our tracks: The Gold is translucently warm, lightly spiced, and make-your-knees-weak beautiful. It radiates an amber glow with a deftly light hand that makes it perfect for every season, and The Gold instantly moved to our can't-live-without list. Fun fact: The full bottle contains a tiny silver bead as a nod to the maker’s handmade jewelry line. P.S. Perfumistas rejoice: The nose behind this line is Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors. Notes include sandalwood, Arabian jasmine, clove oil, and earth.
  • The Sum is a Portland-based brand that creates hand-made jewelry and body adornment.