About Olfactif



Olfactif, hailed by  ElleAllure, and  Glamour magazines, is the original niche perfume discovery service for women and men.

We offer you three ways to explore: the subscription, samples that you choose, and full bottles. Many thousands of subscribers have been introduced to niche perfume through our subscription, which is available in a women's option (traditionally feminine scents) and a men's option (traditionally masculine scents). Around the first of each month, we send subscribers some of the finest and hardest-to-find perfume samples from niche artists around the world. Our samples aren't those tiny vials you get at the department store; we give you 2 ml of each scent in a glass spray vial, and each vial has enough for 15 - 20 wearings.

That's not all—we also give subscribers 20% off full-size bottles of the featured fragrances of the month and 10% off all other full-size bottles, a la carte samples and deluxe atomizers.

We also indulge your curiosity about scent with great content about the scents and the science of smell.

What is niche perfume?
Niche perfume is hard to find, unless you happen to live in New York or Paris. Unlike the companies that make mainstream scents, the people who make niche perfume aren't obsessed with conforming to trends and mimicking last year's best sellers; they set trends. They value creativity and originality -- and they make things you won't smell on department store counters. 


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