Memo Paris

Russian Leather Sample

    • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

      Memo describes Russian Leather as “a balance between force and finesse,” much like the silhouetted wolf on the bottle. We smell the frozen tundra lined by a dense Siberian forest, and the mint and camphor mimic the cold air. In the later stages of the composition, watch for that wonderful, rough-hewn leather.


      Notes include basil, cedar leaf, pine needle, coriander, mint, lavandin, rosemary, nutmeg, guaiac, patchouli, tonka, leather, clary sage, and cypress.

    • Memo Paris was founded by John and Clara Molloy, who share a love of travel. The pair connected over their love of travel, and the house's scents frequently capture the sense of geographic destinations.