Rosendo Mateu

No. 1

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    Aquatic, aromatic, and ultimately fresh, No. 1 by Rosendo Mateu is often referred to as sunshine in a bottle. It’s not the citrus burst of sunshine that you may be thinking, but more so the fresh, happy, enlightened feeling you get when you wake up to a beautiful day. Inspired by the breeze that comes from the sea in unique landscapes such as the coasts of Spain, Croatia, Italy and Greece, it captures that essence perfectly. Aromatics of rosemary, lavender and sage give it a realistic quality that you get after the beautiful bergamot opening. The tea notes perfectly blend in freshness that are supported by layered citruses of lime and green mandarin, as soft white-petaled florals melt into creamy, easygoing sandalwood with a hint of a smoky accent in the finish. Easy to wear with great sillage, especially for a freshie!


    Notes include bergamot, tea leaf, rosemary, lavender, sage, lime, green mandarin, jasmine, muguet, bitter orange blossom, neroli, green pepper, cardamom, sandalwood, iris rhizomes, and white musk.

  • Author of more than 80 fragrances created for prestigious Houses since 1968, Rosendo Mateu, of Catalan origin, decided to found his own house in 2010. Alongside his son Joan, he created his first collection of 5 fragrances: a collection in which each creation is based on three main ingredients that are sublimated. In 2019, he launches his Black Collection, a nod to the Orient, featuring bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood; these magnified by elegant opaque black lacquered bottles.