Pink MahogHany

Ethereal Translucence Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Made to be a scented salvation amid chaos and uncertainty, an invigorating zest of lemon delicately pirouettes with a cleansing herbaceousness in a ghostly transparency that feels like a divine breath of new air. Crisp and magical on its own, there’s also a cozy calm of tenderly spiced woods that seems to come on the breeze, from a distance. But don’t let the fragrance’s simplicity fool you. This is a carefully practiced, Zen-like lesson in how less can be so much more if you just slowly breathe it in.


    Notes include Italian lemon, French rosemary, coriander, and Fleur d’ambre.

  • Pink MahogHany Fragrances, a Texas-based house by Chavalia Mwamba. Learn more about Pink MahogHany Fragrances in our BLOG.