September 2015 for Men: Past is Present

Today, the past is everywhere. Wet shaving? Check. Whiskey? Check. Chuck Taylors? Check. Some say it’s because our modern, increasingly virtual world makes us long for simpler times; we say it’s because some things from the past are just plain awesome.

That’s why our inaugural men’s collection features three scents that bring the past to the here and now. Our first scent captures the essence of Ernest Hemingway, the ultimate guy’s guy. Our second scent is a modern splash cologne in a vintage citrus blend that returns to perfumery’s roots. Our third scent features one of the world’s oldest and most precious perfume ingredients. It’s all proof that the past never dies—it just gets better with age.

1899 from $125
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Eau Moderne
Eau Moderne $105
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Santal Wood
Santal Wood $120
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1899 Sample
1899 Sample $10
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