October 2015 for Men: Leather and Suede

Perhaps no material conveys importance as immediately as leather. In the soft interior of a new car, it tells us we are touching luxury. Wrapped around the pages of a book, it tells us we are touching valued knowledge. Even when weathered on the back of a horse, it tells us we are touching something that was made with care, perhaps generations ago. Leather is built to last.

Is it any wonder that we love its smell? Leather and suede have been markers of elegance for centuries, and so our appreciation of their scent is ingrained in us. Lucky for us, perfumers know all about that.

Leather Man Cologne
Leather Man Cologne $65
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The Cobra & The Canary
The Cobra & The Canary $95
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Interlude Man
Interlude Man $250
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Leather Man Cologne sample
Leather Man Cologne sample $6
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