Refillable atomizer

By Olfactif

  • Ever wish you could refresh your favorite perfume with a little spritz when you're out and about? Of course, you can't very well carry around a big glass bottle (unless you want it smashed to bits the next time you drop your bag). And traveling? Forget it. The TSA will take one look at that liquid gold, and you'll never see it again.

    Enter the refillable 4 ml travel atomizer. Just pop off the spray head on your favorite scent, pump the atomizer up and down to fill, and voilà—your favorite perfume is now perfectly portable.
  • Here's why we love it:
    • Carry it everywhere. With perfectly rounded edges, it fits comfortably in your pocket or purse.
    • Airplane-approved! At 4 ml, the refillable atomizer easily fits within TSA guidelines for allowable liquids in carry-ons. (In fact, you could bring several.)
    • Refills in seconds. Your perfume is never exposed to the air while you transfer it from bottle to atomizer, so you don't lose a drop.
    • Holds 50 sprays. The 4 ml capacity means it'll outlast a long vacation.
    • See what's inside. The fill-level indicator window tells you how much you have left, so you know just how much to add and exactly when to refill.

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