Libertine Fragrance

Troubled Spirits

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    Troubled spirits walk among us. They stay up an hour too late and enjoy one too many sips. They kiss strangers and flirt with friends. The whiskey-soaked spices and wine-drunk fruit carried across a charred oak barrel with deep amber veins cuts through the winter cold. Wearing it is like taking a sip of bourbon as you slip on your coat and head into the frigid night, the warm caress lending you the confidence to tackle the new year with a vengeance.


    Notes include oak wood absolute, orange zest, damask rose, vanilla bourbon extract, aged patchouli essence, and amber.



  • Josh Smith | Libertine Fragrance
    Libertine Fragrance, a Canadian house by Josh Smith that creates perfume without pretense. Learn more about Libertine Fragrance in our BLOG.