Marc-Antoine Barrois

Tilia Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Simple. Solar. Smiling. It is the scent of everlasting summer. Of holidays that never end. The honeyed, apricot inflexions of broom. The tender powder of heliotrope. A bucolic bouquet made still richer with a sprig of velvety jasmine sambac. Underlined, like a stroke of shade intensifying the radiance of an afternoon in the sun, by the smoky earthiness of vetiver... The first of a constellation of floral fragrances, Tilia is also, the name of an imaginary star. The one that shines on happy days. An ode to simplicity and optimism. 

    Notes include lime, broom, jasmine sambac, vetiver, heliotrope, georgywood, and ambrox.

    Please note that Marc-Antoine Barrois bottles feature a delicate printing process and minor cosmetic defects and scratches may occur on front label.

  • Marc-Antoine Barrois, French design house with perfumes designed by Quentin Bisch.