Silver Blue

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      Zesty, modern, and metallic, Silver Blue still gives you the longevity and sillage that you’ve come to expect from the signature DNA of Mancera fragrances. Its cleanliness isn’t fresh in the aquatic sense, it’s clean in the dry wooded sense, thanks to the Sumatran patchouli leaf, wormwood and oakmoss trio. Caramel sweetness of blond toffee, vanilla and amber add a saccharine touch to this minimalistic but not simple, fragrance. It’s seamless for any season; can be worn by any person; for any place or occasion; and that’s why we love it.


      Notes include  bergamot, wormwood, cardamom, blond toffee, leaves of patchouli, cinnamon stick, warm labdanum, oakmoss, ambery notes, white musk, and sandalwood.

    • Mancera was created to showcase the finest ingredients commonly found in Arab perfumes.