Rich Mess The Original Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    In the first fragrance for this house, creative director {and cinematographer} Ryan Richmond teams up with perfumer extraordinaire Christophe Laudamiel to showcase complexity and luxury wrapped in a vibrant bow with Rich Mess, the Original. Leather notes open the vault to this fragrant haven as saffron and spice intertwine, creating intrigue and mystery. A creamy sandalwood base holds you close, keeps you warm and gives a touch a swagger to your entry and exit.


    Notes include bergamot, fig, grapefruit, saffron, vanilla, sandalwood, leather, atlas cedar, spicy lilies.


  • Ryan Richmond, the NYC house aimed at pushing the boundaries of the fragrance world. Learn more about Ryan Richmond in our   BLOG.