Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Perfect Coconut Milk

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    Grab your flip-flops and towel, because with one spray of Perfect Coconut Milk from Sarah Horowitz Parfums, you'll be at the beach. This summer delight is bursting with juicy coconut and tropical flowers that call to mind days spent digging for shells and building sandcastles. The creamy gardenia whispering at the edges elevates this scent from childhood memory to polished adult perfume, and the warm, musky dry-down makes Perfect Coconut Milk as warm and inviting as the sun itself. Sarah's creation is a California summer in a bottle, and we don't recommend leaving home in July without it. Notes include coconut, almond, orange blossom, gardenia, tonka bean, vanilla, and Egyptian musk. Learn more in the  Perfect Coconut Milk "How to Smell" guide
  • Sarah Horowitz-Thran began her perfume career as an apprentice in a custom perfume boutique on Boston's posh Newbury Street. Today, she operates Sarah Horowitz Parfums from southern California, where she sells her perfume lines—Perfect Perfumes, What Comes From Within, and Perfumer's Palette—and creates custom scents for a long list of clients that includes celebrity devotees. Read a  Q&A with Sarah or learn more at