Christèle Jacquemin

Meandering Soul Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    While completing an artistic residency in the bustling capital of Taiwan, Christèle Jacquemin found herself wanting to escape the noise and chaos of daily living in Taipei. Her escape hatch: going out at night, wandering peacefully to reconnect with nature, something she had been missing greatly. Using this escape as her inspiration for this fragrance, she used olfaction to translate the calm feeling she felt during these nocturnal walks. Meandering Soul tilts gourmand with the cinnamon and caramel accord with an underlying exotic herbal kitchen, almost curry, vibe from fennel and hinoki. This odd-ball mash up of gourmand and herbal makes it non-traditional, distinctive, and very unique in the most idiosyncratic of ways. Unisex with more than 90% of ingredients are of natural origin, Meandering Soul was also a 2020 Art and Olfaction Award finalist in the Artist category.


    Notes include cinnamon, hinoki wood, sweet fennel, ylang-ylang, narcissus, caramel, and tobacco leaves.

  • Christèle Jacquemin, a photographer, perfumer, and traveler, embraces life through an artistic practice. Translating images that bamboozle and scents that instantly project into a possible faraway. Learn more about Christèle Jacquemin in our BLOG.