Christèle Jacquemin

Impermanence Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Photographer, perfumer, and traveler Christèle took a journey of aromatic discovery to the Chinese village of Jin Ze capturing its exquisiteness in both images and aromas. In a month that was considered “pure happiness”, she was able to wander the canals in the early morning hours seizing the raw green & brightly aromatic beauty of her surroundings. A 2020 Art and Olfaction Finalist, harmony and tranquility abound in this 90% natural composition with luminous bergamot, lemony-wooded hinoki, and yerba mate to soothe out the finish.


    Notes include bergamot, blue ginger, hinoki leaves, rosemary, rose, palmarosa, vetiver, and yerba mate.

  • Christèle Jacquemin, a photographer, perfumer, and traveler, embraces life through an artistic practice. Translating images that bamboozle and scents that instantly project into a possible faraway. Learn more about Christèle Jacquemin in our  BLOG.