Avicenna Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    In the 10th century AD, a prolific Persian polymath named Ibn Sina or “Avicenna“ to the Europeans, created a way to extract aromatic compounds from plant material. Today, this system of extraction is known as steam distillation. One of the plants that he first distilled was the infamous Rose x Damascena or Damask Rose. By steam distilling the rose petals, he was able to obtain two by-products, an essential oil and rose water. The concentrated oil was used to make attars and to treat health conditions and the rose water had a wide array of uses from culinary to scenting fountains of palaces and mosques. This led to the Persians exporting rose water along other commodities such as fine textiles and carpets to as far away as India and China in exchange for exotic woods, spices, and porcelain. Here’s why we love it. The rose absolute is pure and subtle but still remains the dominant aroma throughout the wear of the fragrance without being overly floral or feminine. The spices of pink pepper and celyon cinnamon mixed with the sweetness of vanilla and benzoin give it a vintage warmth that keeps it mostly in the gender-neutral lane.


    Notes include rose absolute, pink pepper, ceylon cinnamon, vanilla and benzoin.

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