Angeleno sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here .  

    Angeleno, an eau fraiche, was designed for body and soul. This aura spray is eternal sunshine in a bottle — young, fresh, fabulous. Picture Hollywood cocktails by the pool. You don’t need to be a local Angeleno to wear this scent because this scent, inspired by the City of Angels, invokes your angelic aura! This vibrational fragrance resonates with the 4th chakra - affinity for self. When you love yourself, you radiate a sparkling luminosity.


    Notes include Starfruit, waterlily, cucumber, sunshine and love. 

  • Yosh Han is a San Francisco-based perfumer whose work ties several ancient arts—perfumery, numerology, and reiki healing—into an ultra-modern practice. Learn more at  www.eaudeyosh.com .
  • "To me, Ginger Ciao is the ultimate heroine. She's daring, adventurous, speaks her truth, and inspires others to be their best." —Yosh Han. Learn More about Yosh in our BLOG.