December Collection 2019 | Hygge

Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-gah’, is the Danish word for warm feelings of comfy, cozy contentment. Danish culture has embraced this philosophy since the 18 th century. They’ve made enjoying life’s simple pleasures more than just a fleeting feeling – it’s a way of life!

In the December Collection for Women, we encourage you to embrace your inner hygge. Take the time to relax, regroup and re-center oneself. Wrap yourself in the drydown of Leopard by Sarah Baker. Be present, even if Holidays by Mancera challenges your idea of what a winter scent can be. Explore a new hobby, curl up with a good book and sink into the warm, golden glow of How You Love by Jazmin Sarai. After all, don’t we all need a little more comfort these days.


In the Women's Collection for December:

    In the  December Collection for Men, we encourage you to find your inner hygge. Take comfort in how a spritz of Ambre Nomade can boost your mood in a heartbeat. Escape into the desert for a moment to relax, regroup and re-center with Chilehead. Let the classic, timeless scent of Moonshine wrap you in memories of history and heritage. Stress less and love more because, after all, don’t we need a little more hygge these days?

    In the Men's Collection for December:

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      Leopard Sarah Baker $175.00
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      Holidays Mancera $180.00
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      How You Love Jazmin Saraï $105.00
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      Chilehead Dame Perfumery $95.00
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      Moonshine EastWest Bottlers $76.00
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