Sarah Baker


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    Leopard by Sarah Baker opens with bursts of black pepper and green cardamom, filling our nose with the warmth of deep, sultry spices. But as it sits on the skin, we find ourselves falling deeper in love. The rose-patchouli-sandalwood accord shines through, giving Leopard a sexy sensuality that flirts with mystery. The best part? The coziest ‘wrap-yourself-in-it’ feeling late into the drydown (aka the finish) thanks to the honeyed animalic blend of castoreum and musk.


    Notes include frankincense, black pepper, cardamom, galbanum, cassis, rose, violet, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, labdanum, cetalox, castoreum, beeswax, cashmeran, and musk.


  • Sarah Baker is a boutique luxury house created out of an East London art studio. The nose behind Charade is Andreas Wilhelm. Learn more about Sarah Baker Perfumes in our BLOG.