March 2017 Unisex: Love

March 01, 2017

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Call us softies if you want, but our March collection is all about love. Not the Valentine's Day kind, but the many kinds of love that make the world go 'round, as complicated and messy as they may be.

Earth Mother by Dame Perfumery. (New release!) Our first scent embodies the universal love that binds us together as humans and loops back through the earth that sustains us. The ancient Greeks called this “agape.” Read more...


Pillow Talk by 4160 Tuesdays. Next, romantic love—”eros” to the Greeks. One pillow, two heads, face-to-face, with nothing but time to indulge in endless pillow talk. Is there any greater luxury? Read more...

Emotional Rescue by Mark Buxton. Finally, “philautia,” the love we have for ourselves. Because someone will break your heart, and you will have to reach inside to find the love that is the foundation of all others. Read more...

The ancient Greeks had a lot of words for love. As we say these days, “it’s complicated.” But always worth it.


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