April 2017 for Men: Around the World in Eighty Days

April 01, 2017

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Around the World in Eighty Days is a book is about a race around the world in 1873, but our theme this month takes a more leisurely approach (hurrah for airplanes). 

First, we fly to the vivid lavender fields of France. Plant one next to a cool forest and stand on the border of the two. That’s our first scent.

Next, we head to India, the inspiration for a woodsy, spicy, citrus fragrance that is quintessentially masculine.

Finally, we land back in London at the historical Reform Club, where the character in Jules Verne’s novel began his journey.

The Mauve by The Sum. Lavender is the ultimate unisex note, and perfumers can choose to play up its floral side or its barbershop vibe by surrounding it with certain notes. Here, the addition of tea leaves and oak ground The Mauve in the forest -- and men and women have been snapping it up. Read more...

Wood and Spices
by Montale.
We get the wood and we get the spices, but we get a lot more, too. The top features a burst of citrus before ceding to a warm, woodsy base with a dollop of cream. Read more...

by Histoires de Parfums. 
Jules Verne, born in 1828, was a famous French novelist who wrote some books you might know. (Remember Around the World in Eighty Days? Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?) He was an adventurer who melded his experiences with his imagination and ended up the father of literary science fiction.  Read more...



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