January 2017 Unisex: Purple

We often talk about scents in terms of the colors they bring to mind. In this collection, we’re seeing beautiful shades of purple.

Deep, velvety purple tinged with red, like a dark purple orchid stained with merlot. Lalibela from Memo Paris is inspired by a magical city in Ethiopia with a very unusual geographical feature. Read more...

Rich, smooth mauve with spikes of green, like lavender blooming against the backdrop of a pink morning sunrise. The Mauve from The Sum is a beautiful woodsy lavender. Read more... 

Light, bright purple on a bed of dusty cocoa, like a lilac bush blooming outside a bakery where chocolate pastries rise in the oven. Lilac Love is different from every other Amouage scent in some notable ways. Read more...


Enjoy this month's collection! Here's to a fragrant new year.




Olfactif Editorial Team
Olfactif Editorial Team


The Olfactif editorial team is made up of people who love to get geeky about perfume and scent.

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