January 2017 for Men: Shortcuts

It's amazing how a feel invisible molecules can make you feel so different. 

Traipsing through the frozen Siberian tundra would give you an awesome story and major toughness points. But it’s... maybe not so fun. (See: “frozen tundra.”) Shortcut: Try Russian Leather from Memo Paris. It’s tough and tender. Read more...

Escaping to the private island of Mustique would be amazingand cost you a cool $20,000 per week. Shortcut: Try Memoires de Mustique from Eight & Bob. It’s almost like you were there. Read more...

Trying to impress with your knowledge of French history? Don’t be that guy. Shortcut: Try Attaquer le Soleil from Etat Libre d'Orange. You’ll smell so good that they’ll ask, and you can tell them it was inspired by the Marquis de Sade, a controversial guy and a great conversation starter. Read more...

Olfactif Editorial Team
Olfactif Editorial Team


The Olfactif editorial team is made up of people who love to get geeky about perfume and scent.

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