December 2015 for Men: Modern Man

We love a traditionally masculine scent. Give us those dark woods, the zesty citrus, and the weathered leather notes anytime. But this time, mix it up. Give it a twist or two. Surprise us! Because there’s nothing wrong with traditional, but it’s much more fun to smell something that refuses to blend in with the crowd.

This collection features three scents that take traditional themes in masculine perfumery and add a modern twist for the modern man—in other words, for you.

by Yosh is an olfactory ode to dark forests in the times of medieval kings. How you know you're dealing with something truly modern: the notes of crisp red apple that float above the saddle leather and firewood. Read more...


Anvers by Ulrich Lang New York is the classic masculine scent that Luca Turin recommended for anyone looking to convey mystery. How you know you're dealing with something truly modern: guava, basil, sesame -- and how about that awesome purple juice? Read more...


Nio by Xerjoff is one of the house's bestsellers, and for good reason: It's juicy and green and blended with a base of the smoothest woods -- all in that unmistakably Xerjoff quality. How you know you're dealing with something truly modern: It smells like a cologne but it lasts and lasts. Read more...


We had fun creating this month's collection, and we hope you have as much fun exploring it. Happy holidays!







Olfactif Editorial Team
Olfactif Editorial Team


The Olfactif editorial team is made up of people who love to get geeky about perfume and scent.

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