December 2015: Smoldering

December 01, 2015

smolder (\’smōl-der\): to burn slowly without flames but usually with smoke.

Have you ever looked closely at a burning coal? At the center, it looks for all the world like a cool black rock. But the edges, alive with an otherworldly glow, tell the real story. The fire doesn’t leap into flames, but it is fire nonetheless.

These three perfumes (and one candle) smolder with a quiet warmth and faint tendrils of smoke that curl into the air. This month, may your homes be just as full of heat—from candles, from the hearth, from the embrace of those you love.

Scent Intense by Costume National gets right to the point, and the point is amber -- dark, smoky amber. Read more...

Otis & Me by Jazmin Saraï, like all scents from this indie house, is inspired by a song -- this time by a soulful 1966 number from Otis Redding. Read more...


Laudano Nero by Tiziana Terenzi conjures a scene on a rainy day in a mystical Paris with a gorgeously complex cast of notes -- and this time, there's even a candle version that we can't get enough of. Read more...

We hope you enjoy this month's collection in the presence of loved ones who will make your scent memories even happier. Happy holidays! 








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