March 2015: Inspiration is Everywhere

March 02, 2015 2 Comments

Performer: Beau Rhee. Photo: Brett Casper.

Remember, once upon a time, when you thought all perfume was just another beauty product?

Perfume can be a work of art, and like any product of creative expression, it is born of inspiration. From where? From anywhere. A person, a place, a painting. An experience, an emotion, a texture. The spark of inspiration can come from unlikely sources, calling your attention to a piece of the universe that you might otherwise never have noticed. Just like that, your world becomes richer, more nuanced, more colorful—and the inspiration has been passed on to you.

We hope that whatever these scents inspire in you—happiness, surprise, reflection, action—it is something good.

Neon Graffiti by Jazmin Saraï. It's hard to remember the last time we loved a concept as much as we love this one. Perfumer Dana El Masri creates scents inspired by songs that she loves. Neon Graffiti could not be more perfectly named, and its inspiration—the M.I.A. song "Sunshowers"—is a perfect auditory companion to the scent. Read more and watch the video...


Blood Sweat Tears by Atelier de Geste. The first time we spoke with Beau Rhee, founder of Atelier de Geste and creator of Blood Sweat Tears, we asked her, "Are you the first person to make perfume inspired by choreographed movement?" Because unless your brain operates on the same wildly creative frequency as Rhee's, this is probably something that has never crossed your mind. But oh, the result. It's like a living, breathing entity itself, pulsating with the essences that keep us moving in our daily lives. Read more and view the movement score...



1804 by Histoires de Parfums. 
The creator of our beloved Ambre 114 is back with 1804, an addictive scent inspired by the 19-century, cross-dressing, tobacco-smoking, affair-having, female French writer known as George Sand. This luscious composition revolves around—wait for it—pineapple, tiare flower, and clove. After that description, we're pretty sure that you'll be surprised by its elegance and sophistication. Read more and see a portrait of George Sand...

Now go forth and be inspired.






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Ellen Kay
Ellen Kay

March 10, 2015

The March collection is truly unique. I read the inspiration for 1804 then wore the scent. This was the first fragrance in my life that actually told a story! It began as a bright almost sparkling scent (like the woman) and by evening had turned warm and musky. Totally different than how it began. As though the scent, like the woman transformed from a female to a male by evening. The beginning scent is female and the final note is masculine. I’ve had scent change as the day goes on, but never had one tell a complete story from beginning to end. Well played. The other scents are interesting too.

Jan Last
Jan Last

March 09, 2015

Sorry, can’t seem to find my discount code for March. I would like to place an order.

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