February 2015: Smelling in Color and Texture

February 02, 2015 1 Comment

How do you describe a scent when you don’t know what’s in it? Even when you know the notes, what if your nose can't identify them? The language of scent is not easy to master (and what is mastery when the subject matter is so subjective?). Scent leaves even the most eloquent speakers tongue-tied.

Start with this: color, texture. You don’t need the gift of synesthesia to describe smells by the colors they make you see and the textures they call to mind. Scents that smell of plants and grasses can be described as green. A dark rose might be crimson velvet. A citrus scent may be warm, shiny, smooth, and orange. Try it, and you’ll see that the language of scent isn’t so elusive after all.

Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company is a fresh, crisp scent inspired by Japan's rainy season. It's a gentle floral that smells exactly the color of the juice: so green you can practically feel the grass (not to mention the velvety surface of a dandelion on your cheek). Read more...




Roma Imperiale by Profumi del Forte is a pillowy-plush white scent that blooms into ylang-ylang and orchid on the skin before settling into a relaxing (and surprisingly non-gourmand) blend of cinnamon, sandalwood, and vanilla. Read more...


Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors
is the scent that first made us fall in love with Josh Meyer's creations, and we couldn't let another winter pass without sharing it with you. Get ready for a rich, brown, boozy scent that calls to mind smoky oak barrels and leather book bindings. Read more...


We hope these scents help you unlock a new language. Happy sniffing!





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chris Kukulski
chris Kukulski

February 09, 2015

Memoirs of a Trespasser: I was extremely intrigued when I read the description of this scent. After I tried this on me I immediately smelled the vanilla, which turned into the most perfect scent. It smelled like an old leather bound book! Shortly after that I experienced the smoky notes which crept up it of nowhere. Looking forward to receiving the full bottle of this gem.

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