April 2014: Warmth

April 01, 2014

Have we ever been so ready to say goodbye winter?

The April 2014 collection is a total breakup with winter—so long, snow!—and a full embrace of the transition into spring. It features scents that reflect their own bit of warmth, from nature’s orange groves to a springtime forest to the breeze off the Moroccan desert. It eases us into a new season, with notes of amber, coriander, patchouli, and cedar to heat up cool mornings and nights, and bright notes of citrus, jasmine, and lavender to accompany us on sunny spring afternoons. All three are squarely unisex, so get ready to share them with pretty much everyone in your life.

This collection is especially exciting because it features three houses we have always wanted to share with you: Tauer Perfumes, Profumi del Forte, and Parfum d'Empire.




L'air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Perfumes— You're in a hotel room in Morocco. It's evening, the moon is rising, and the windows are open to the world below. That's the setting for L'air du Desert Marocain, the universally adored scent from Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer. Fans were flocking to this scent even before it received a coveted five-star rating from world-renowned perfume critic Luca Turin—and now you can imagine why we're so excited to share it with you. 



Versilia Vintage Boisé by Profumi del Forte—Versilia Vintage Boisé captures the perfumer's memory of emerging through the woods onto the sandy beaches of Versilia in Tuscany. It's a woody scent, subtly sweet with honey and tonka, conjuring a cool breeze in a sun-warmed forest. We love it because it's an occasion-chameleon, just as perfect for elegant events as for casual days. 


Azemour Les Orangers by Parfum d'Empire—Have you ever smelled a Moroccan orange grove at the height of orange season? Now you have. This perfumista-revered scent begins with a mouth-watering burst of orange that quickly gives way to a fresh greenness. What follows is a mossy dry down that takes perfume lovers back to the glory days when fragrances used real oakmoss. (Fun side note: Azemour is another favorite of author Alyssa Harad, who curated our February 2014 collection.) 


We love these three scents beyond reason, and we hope you will, too. As usual, subscribers can use their April code for $18 off any full-sized bottle—but this month we're adding a twist. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow!

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