One Fantastic Year

April 03, 2014 2 Comments

What a year!

When we launched Olfactif in April 2013, we had a hunch that there were people out there just like us: people who loved perfume. People who were bored with the mainstream conveyer belt of smell-alike scents. People who cherish their sense of smell because it moves them to strong emotion. People who would welcome the opportunity to go on an olfactory adventure and get excited about receiving a little surprise box of perfumes in the mail each month. 

And guess what? You  were out there.

We found you, or you found us. Either way, we found each other. And we've had a blast of a year together.

To celebrate our birthday, we're giving subscribers a special opportunity: Use your April $18 off code on  any perfume in the store—not just the April scents—and use it as many times as you like. (Can't find your April code? You'll find it in your shipping notification email.)

From the bottoms of our hearts, thanks for a great year. Thanks for being open to smelling and loving unconventional scents that you never thought you'd love. And thanks for being curious about the people behind the art and supporting their work.

Now get smellin'. We have a lot of great things planned for this year, and we can't wait to share them with you.


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April 04, 2014

I just signed up for your subscription because I can not find a scent I am happy with in the department stores. My husband has the same issue. Do you have subscription service for men as well?


April 03, 2014

I’ve never known a year to smell so good! Congratulations to you and Olfactif.

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