October 2016: Come Back Inside

October 01, 2016

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In autumn, two seasons sit in perfect equilibrium. On one side, warm, welcoming summer, when the weather practically begs you to stay outdoors. On the other side, winter, which is basically nature’s version of kicking us out so it can be left alone.

In between, we have October—that month of perfection. When the daytime is sunny and mild and radiating color, and the evening is chilled and chasing us inside. This month, our unisex and men's collections follow the same theme but express it in slightly different ways. Each features a warm citrus for bright mornings, a richer scent for autumn afternoons, and a sexy, smoldering scent that takes you fireside for the evenings—exactly where you should be on these October nights.

October 2016 Unisex Collection

Monserrat by Bruno Fazzolari.  The grapefruit-drenched opening features pops of green, and the floral heart blooms into a sheer wash of peachy jasmine. Sounds like the definition of "fruity floral," but Monserrat is anything but textbook.  Read more...

Slow Explosions
by Imaginary Authors.
In this new release from Imaginary Authors, perfumer Josh Meyer takes has put together a beautiful rose-saffron elixir inspired by a fiction of his own making. This might end up being your favorite IA release yet (and yes, we know those are bold words). Read more...

Dhajala by Xerjoff.
 Dhajala doesn't so much leave us at a loss for words as it sends words racing into our thoughts: dark, mysterious, sensual, seductive, elegant, regal, rich. It's among our favorite Xerjoff scents all time, and that's saying quite something. Read more...

October 2016 Men's Collection

White Pepper Mandarin
by Note Fragrances.
This little marvel of a scent -- juicy from the citrus yet somehow arid from the pepper and sage -- sits firmly on our can't-go-wrong list. Read more...

Versilia Vintage Boisé
by Profumi del Forte.
This fragrance is  woodsy scent, subtly sweet with honey and tonka, conjuring a cool breeze through a sun-warmed forest near the beaches of Tuscany. Read more...

Laudano Nero
by Tiziana Terenzi. 
Laudano Nero, the bestselling perfume from Italian candle and fragrance company Tiziana Terenzi, is inspired by a rainy day in a mystical Paris, where the colors of the city appear like a Renoir painting and a small fire at a crossroads of Montmartre heats musicians and acrobats that await tourists after the rain. Read more...

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