July 2016 for Men: What You're Doing This Summer

July 01, 2016 3 Comments

Remember when summer was more than just a season? It was an era that stretched on forever. It was being barefoot and playing in the dirt. It was riding a bike, fingers sticky from a popsicle. It was dodging June bugs, catching lightning bugs, and listening to a chorus of crickets. It was jumping into the pool during the day and sleeping with the windows open at night.

For adults, summer means going to work. Again. (Only hotter.)

This month, we’re recapturing that old summer magic. We’re making the season count,going outside a little more and picking up our phones a little less. Looking at the faces of friends, taking notice of the nighttime sky.

Try it. The kid in you will be grateful.

Sel de Vetiver
, from The Different Company, is exactly what its name implies: a salty vetiver. But to capture the full effect, you need a picture. Read more...

Aviation Club, by Monsillage, was inspired by a Parisian poker club that once was a social establishment frequented by aviators in earlier times. Read more...

The Black
, by The Sum, is a meditation on the absence of color. You might expect density, in the way that a totally dark room feels impenetrable even when it's empty, but The Black has an ethereal quality like smoke. Read more...

We hope you love this month's collection -- and that you remember to live a little this summer.


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July 21, 2016

As a counterpoint to the previous commenter, I’ve actually been a little disappointed with a lot of the fragrances in previous shipments but for me, this month totally knocks it out of the park. If I could afford it I’d buy a bottle of all three. As it is, I’m still trying to decide which one I like the most, particularly between Aviation Club and The Black.


July 11, 2016

Hi Placito,

Thanks for your feedback! So sorry to hear that these didn’t work for you. Some people prefer mainstream scents like the ones sold at Sephora and other department stores, and that’s totally legit. Our selections are off the beaten path.

Send feedback anytime!

Your Friends at Olfactif


July 11, 2016

So I got this month’s (July) scents and they are horrid. Think I’ll opt out if this is what they are. You can get a better sample pack from sephora.

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