November 2015 for Men: Settings

November 01, 2015

The magic of scent is its ability to transport to a different time and place. A single scent can instantly pull you back into your grandmother’s kitchen, a lazy summer afternoon, or the first moment you met someone.

The bigger magic, though, is how scents can transport you to times and places you’ve never been, inserting you into experiences you’ve never had. These three scents do that marvelously. They offer vivid settings as a launchpad for your imagination—just place and time, you provide the rest of the story. Spray them and go there. What happens next?


Umbra by Ramon Monegal takes you to a cool morning walk in the forest. It's a unique take on vetiver, with a crisp, peppery opening and a wisp of smoke floating through the trees. Read more... 

Field Notes from Paris
by Ineke is mid-afternoon in a sunny Parisian café, but don't expect an overt gourmand. Instead, Field Notes only hints at its gourmand notes, as they are transformed by a bright freshness from coriander seed and orange flower. Read more... 

R'oud Elements
by Kerosene Fragrances is evening in front of warm, red-orange fire. It's the oud scent for newbies to oud, and we can't think of a more welcoming introduction to the note. Read more...


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