Globetrotter Sample Pack

  • Have you ever wanted to sail around the globe, visiting the cities, interacting with the natives, and experiencing the culture? Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Well you won't find a plane ticket in this sample pack but what you will find are 8 stellar fragrances from around the globe! Enjoy this TSA-friendly sample pack at 10% off the price of á la carte samples.

    • Argentium by L'Arc  (France) is the moment when the coyotes howl at the moon. The sky is jet black, speckled with stars twinkling in the inky blackness. Let the sexy spiced trio be your guide. 
    • Battaniye by Pekji (Turkey) is a representation of intimacy created by the perfumer for a friend that moved from the chaos of the city to the comfort of the countryside. The rich but aerated patchouli and amber duet are the stars of this tactile fragrance, but its complexity can be seen with time and patience.  
    • Mother Nature's Naughty Daughters by 4160 Tuesdays (England) celebrates nature’s rich harvest by using many of perfumery’s beautiful but restricted materials; rose, broom, cedarmoss, raspberry, strawberry and opoponax, plus safe synthetics like hedione and maltol. This gourmand floral is deliciously naughty.  
    • Nar by Jazmin Sarai  (Canada) guides you into that dark, cool wine cellar at night. Feel the oak barrel on your fingers and inhale the smoky aroma as you swirl the bounty of the harvest in your favorite wine glass. 
    • Sex & Jasmine by Libertine Fragrances (Canada) is sexy, sultry, and oh-so dirty in the nicest of ways. Josh Smith brings out the forbidden side of indole-induced jasmine and wraps it in vanilla-soaked bourbon and sticky sandalwood absolute.
    • Sun King by House of James (Australia) takes you inside the Orangeries of France to find mandarin trees blanketed by soft, woolen layers at their base, cradled like a tree of prized diamonds. The sun becomes the light, the warmth, the salvation for the trees, nurturing them by the power of its beams.  
    • Teisenddu by Frassai (Argentina) is filled with warm spices, bitter orange and juniper-infused tea greets the senses like a cozy blanket. We adore how the sweet honeyed mimosa and candied rum envelops the air, while an intriguing blend of spiced leather captures the spirit of this warm and familiar trance.
    • Vicuna Wool by Luigi Borrelli (Italy) takes a love of Vicuna Wool and transforms it into a stunner of a tactile fragrance. Italian bergamot blends with vetiver, black pepper and tangy elemi resin along with oak moss, patchouli and amber to create a classic chypre accord.
    • Features 8 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack is unisex