Ramon Monegal


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    Dolce far niente reaches its fullest expression with the iconic Siesta. A Mediterranean luxury synonymous with freedom. We dream, we think, we relax or we seek pleasure.
    There is no timetable, no protocol, the only rule that should never be broken is: Do not disturb. 

    Notes include cedar, lemon, honey, jasmine, iris, vetiver, tonka, vanilla, and musk. 

  • Ramón Monegal comes from a long line of perfumers in Spain and represents the fourth generation of the founders of the house of Myrurgia. He began his training in 1972 at Myrurgia, and in 2007 decided to embark on a new journey to build a line of fragrances under his own name. His eponymous line shows tremendous range and has catapulted his talent into the global spotlight. Learn more at  www.ramonmonegal.com .