Histoires de Parfums

1826 Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Eugenie de Montijo, the last French empress and wife of Napoleon, led a life of glamour, nobility, political intrigue, international conflict, and, at times, heartbreak. And as you might expect, a perfume inspired by Eugenie reflects the complexity of her life in the many facets of its composition. This soft ambery incense is woven with floral notes and concludes in an airy, elegant vanilla-patchouli-musk that captures the empress's sophistication, and the scent's ability to defy simple description captures the woman's complexity. (Interesting fact: She was both a highly intelligent political advisor to her husband and the muse of a young luggage maker named Louis Vuitton.) Notes include bergamot, tangerine, white flowers, violet, cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, amber, incense, blond woods, white musk, and vanilla.

  • Histoires de Parfums, founded by Gérald Ghislain, is a French perfume house dedicated to creating an olfactive library that tells the stories of "famous characters, raw materials, and mythical years." Ghislain founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 after completing his training at ISIPCA.

  • 1826 was inspired by the last French empress, Eugenie de Montijo.