Libertine Fragrance

Eros Fig

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    If Eros, the Greek god of love, passion and desire were to wear a fragrance, this would be it. Canadian perfumer, Joshua Smith, has put sexy directly in the heart of this green, fig-inspired, skin-consuming fragrance. It opens fresh with green fig leaves accented by honeyed-lemon juices that drizzle into a refined, overripe, somewhat dried fig, that has been soaking in rose-infused coconut water found on the surface of a damp coconut shell. Its tender sweetness is carried throughout with a sensuous sandalwood finish.

    Notes include citrus, warm spices, black currant, green fig leaf, dried fig, coconut, sandalwood, egyptian rose, benzoin, honey, ambrette seed.

  • Josh Smith | Libertine Fragrance
    Libertine Fragrance, a Canadian house by Josh Smith that creates perfume without pretense. Learn more about Libertine Fragrance in our BLOG.