Cuir Pampas

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       When Natalia Outeda wanted to bottle up the essence of the gauchos of Argentina, she enlisted perfumer Irina Burlakova to do just that. Gauchos roam the land of South America bound to a leather saddle that has been worn by those before them. The trail-riding gaucho starts his morning with his hands cupped around a mug of warm green maté, preparing in his mind the journey he is about to embark upon. Heading out on a trail he has never traveled before, he is filled with exhilaration of his nomad freedom, galloping into the pampa lands just before the sun rises.


      Notes include  black pepper, green mate, skin leather, smoked vetiver, cedarwood, cistus labdanum, and hay.

    • Frassaï, a Buenos Aires and NYC fragrance house that evokes all of the senses through fragrance, jewelry & flacons. Cuirs Pampas was created in 2020 with Irina Burlakova.  Learn more about  Frassaï in our  BLOG.