A Rose is a Rose sample pack

  • A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, but is it? Here's your chance to try 6 (or 8) roses, all with their own rose interpretation. Why do we love roses? Because they are a classic, a timeless ingredient since the dawn of perfumery. They are effortless; filled with romantic femininity that can take you in a direction of beautifully fresh, dewy rose blossoms (perfect for daytime wear), all the way to the other side of dark and dank as it casts you into the darkness of night. See, feel and smell rose in 6 distinct ways (8 in the Deluxe Pack), we've put them all into a sumptuous set at a savings! Enjoy this sample pack at  10% off the price of  á la carte samples.

    • Smolderose by January Scent Project is like dancing along the Eastern coast, the heady aroma of this imperious, wildly blooming member of the rose dynasty instantly transports one to a warm, sunny day at the beach.
    • Rosa Sacra by Frassai is inspired by the lush jungles of South America and finds its home in the El Sur Collection of Frassaï, a trio of fragrances that celebrate the purity of simple, elegant Argentine ingredients. Notes include rose de mai, turkish rose, green palo santo, blackcurrant.
    • Rosé All Daé by Gallagher Fragrances swirls around the nose and settles beautifully on the skin. Turkish rose absolute is soaked with tannic cinnamon-spiced plums, crisp apples and tonka bean for a sultry rose-gourmand escape.
    • Roses Elixir  by Montale is a playful rose as citrus sparkles on the top, followed by an unmistakable strawberry, you'll find rose in the drydown of this elixir. 
    • In  Superbia  by Memoize,a beautifully dark, dusted  rose takes center stage, but it never steals the scene. It lingers in the background of this super sexy fragrance, lying in the middle of a bed of amber, woods and musk.
    • Crazy in Love by Montale adorn the lover’s blanket as they sip crimson wine in the middle of the countryside on a late spring day. Their love is new; fully of life and vibrancy. It dances with excitement and passion as they know something special lies ahead.
    • Want even more roses?! Yay you do! Get the Deluxe Pack for 2 more! 
    • Roses Musk by Montale gives you a sexy, opulent bouquet of red roses blanketed in sensuous musk. Some consider it to be a cold rose, others consider it to be a clean, fresh rose. Intrigued yet? 
    • Deliciae by Memoize takes the popular Moroccan rose mingles with the Taif rose from western Saudi Arabia giving this Extrait de Parfum a level of depth and complexity that we adore. A rose-forward fragrance that isn’t tied to an oud finish its creamy, musky, slightly cedared, and oh-so luscious; especially on the skin.
    • Features 6 (8 in the deluxe pack) fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack tilts more feminine, but as we always say, wear what YOU love.