Memoize London


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      One might say that love has been bottled up in this flacon. A beautiful, romantic, overflowing kind of love. Deliciae, Latin for delight and pleasure, gives you the feeling of love in its purest state where beauty is both serene and peaceful. A Harrod’s exclusive and now available to Olfactif fans, the popular Moroccan rose mingles with the Taif rose from western Saudi Arabia giving this Extrait de Parfum a level of depth and complexity that we adore. A 2022 launch, we are thrilled to see a rose-forward fragrance that isn’t tied to an oud finish. Instead, the finish here is creamy, musky, slightly cedared, and oh-so luscious; especially on the skin.


      Notes include sweet lemon, taif rose, moroccan rose, vanilla, benzoin, cedarwood, and white musks.


    • Memoize London, a luxe British house by Holly Hutchinson that evokes scent memories from the past and evokes future memories to be made. Find out more about Memoize London in our   BLOG.