January Scent Project


    • Try a sample first! 

      Sometimes smoky scents are just that -- smoky. They push towards resins and woods, and then leave you there. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we love Smolderose’s fresh take on smoke. Perfumer John Biebel created this beauty by giving us a delicately fresh rose smoked in charred woods and droplets of citrus. Breathe in deeper to find a touch of briny salt air swirled with an unlit pipe. Intrigued yet?


      Notes include damask rose, bergamot, saffron, roasted seashells, frankincense, elderflower, patchouli, cade, agarwood, and labdanum.


    • January Scent Project, a Rhode Island house by perfumer & fragrance blogger, John Biebel. Learn more about the January Scent Project in our   BLOG.