Libertine & Virtuous Travel Duo

  • Vice or virtue - a timeless struggle. As Thornton Wilder once said "If a man has no vices, he is in great danger of making vices about his virtues, and there’s a spectacle."

    • Libertine is inspired by an encounter with the notorious Casanova. Dare you be in his presence? 
    • Virtuous is a divine scent in the truest sense, set in a monestry in the hills of Tuscany.


    • This duo pack features 2 fragrance samples in 7.5  ml Glass Spray Vial
    • This sample pack in unisex
    • For the ultimate in self-expression, ILK  has created a collection of contradictory layerable unisex scents, based on stories inspired by human nature and made to celebrate our many nuances.