ILK Discovery Set

  • Why not go on a journey of self discovery with ILK's whole collection of scents inspired by human nature? A great way to help you choose which fragrance or paired scents speak to you, or to keep you topped up on the go.

    • Nonchalant is a glimpse into the dressing room of Josephine Baker, the ultimate cool cat of nonchalant French girl glamour. 
    • Infatuated is the all consuming experience of a love-lorn teenager driven to distraction with feeling. 
    • Realist is set in the mountains of Japan, we follow a monk’s quest to achieve enlightenment.
    • Fantasist is an enchanted night at the circus, a delectable treat of a scent. 
    • Sincere is as sincere as a mother's love or the first burning flush of giving your heart to love another.
    • Devious is inspired by the sour edge of one’s mind, an odoriferous delve into the forbidden thoughts that whirr silently without censor.
    • Virtuous is a divine scent in the truest sense, set in a monestry in the hills of Tuscany.
    • Libertine is inspired by an encounter with the notorious Casanova. Dare you be in his presence? 
    • This discovery set features 8 fragrance samples in 2 ml glass vials 
    • For the ultimate in self-expression, ILK  has created a collection of contradictory layerable unisex scents, based on stories inspired by human nature and made to celebrate our many nuances.