Gaia Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    The small note list belies this perfume’s complexity, and tells a scented story full of mystery. Soft, dewy, airy and herbaceous, the ambery clary sage steals the show here. Grounded to the earth as a deep, woody cocoa sweetness this scent is now becoming quite delectable. Bring your nose to it again, the sandalwood is so rich, it seems to reveal its earthly secrets through smoke and leather. Full of twists and turns, this unique scent has shown itself here to beautifully bemuse your senses. Are you now on the hunts for fragrances with clary sage?

    Notes include cocoa, sandalwood, spicy pear, clary sage and vanilla.

  • Atlantis, the perfume brand from Kansas, by way of Paraguay, by Chris Paez. Gaia was created in partnership with perfumer, Rachel Latimer. Read more about Chris and Atlantis on our BLOG.