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    Exploring the lusty side of love. Dark and animalistic with heady, narcotic jasmine. The sweltering remembrance of a nocturnal decade spent dancing dirty. Even the warmest summer air felt cool when we stepped with someone, out from the thumping crowd toward a smaller, softer venue. Sweet, hot dreams were made of this.


    Notes include black pepper, neroli, jasmine, hay, smoke, leather, patchouli, vetiver, dark woods.

  • OSM, Olfactive Sense Memory is a Nashville-based house by Kyle Mott-Kannenburg. He creates genderless perfumes that reignite the best of times. OSM names thier fragrances based on numbers that are visceral collages of deeply personal experience for Kyle. Their eliciting themes range from launching ourselves into adulthood, to lunging ourselves at the loves of our lives. From summoning the spirit of our sexual awakening, to conjuring up our most free-spirited selves. OSM is worn by the reformed hedonist, still burning with the inner lust of their wilder times, though now enjoying life with a more refined, sophisticated palette. Learn more about OSM in our BLOG.