8E917E Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    There are times when a fragrance stands out because of its aromatic magic. There are other times that the vessel it is contained in is the showstopper. With 8E917E, you get both, in spades. Aromatically, this fragrance is stunningly green, petrichor and raw, with wet concrete, morning dew and forest moss. A floralcy is hidden in the background with prickly pear cucumbers and pomegranate dosed in musk. The vessel is a concrete (yes, concrete) bottle hand sculpted with a woven tag insert and resin lid. No two are alike in this offbeat, exceptionally intriguing vessel of aromatic magic. And what does 8E917E stand for, you ask? It’s the hex color code for concrete. Yep, it’s magic, all around.  


    Notes include wet concrete, morning dew, forest moss, and cave humidity. 

  • The Sum, a Los Angeles house by transformational filmmakers Lucas Chemotti & Richie Dandan.